Before breakfast, how the regulators made a meal of Sintercom

Cherian George

The closure of Breakfast Network brings to mind the death of Sintercom 12 years ago. This extract from my book describes the website's ill-fated dance with the regulators. Full Story

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Yawning Bread in contempt again? Why blogger Alex Au deserves a break

Cherian George

It is in the public interest to give blogs like Yawning Bread some latitude. Charging Alex Au with contempt of court would be an over-reaction. Full Story

SPH vs Yahoo! was about content vs tech, not old media vs new

Cherian George

The lawsuit that Singapore Press Holdings successfully filed against Yahoo! News has been routinely framed as a battle between old media and new media. It is more accurate to describe it as a tech/advertising company trying to hitch a free ride on a content company. It is a good thing that Yahoo! didn't get away with it. Full Story

Balji in da house: The Independent is now the site to watch

Cherian George

Most high-impact independent news startups in the world have been led by professionals who’ve come from the mainstream. With Today's founding editor P N Balji named as editor of theIndependent.sg, this is now Singapore's best shot at getting what Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries achieved by the 1990s – a commercially viable, standalone and professional political news site. Full Story

Leslie Chew vs his demons, Round One: victory for common sense

Cherian George

The government has announced that it will not charge "Demon-cratic Singapore" cartoonist Leslie Chew with sedition. The decision of the Attorney-General's Chambers is spot on. As this blog pleaded three months ago, if the government feared that Chew's criticism of its race policies would have any traction, it should respond with arguments, not force. Full Story

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